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September 30, 2017








Thunder Of Silence ∞ Tranquil Soundscapes

Immerse yourself in the heavenly strings of electric harp and guitar, melodic percussion with steel handpans, crystal singing bowls and haunting Native American-style flutes.

Thunder Of Silence ∞ Tranquil Soundscapes is a unique 90 minute uninterrupted performance brought to you by Nouveau Papillon.

Let your mind and body be taken to a state of tranquility and well-being. Immerse yourself in the heavenly strings of electric harp and guitar, melodic percussion with steel handpans, crystal singing bowls and haunting Native American-style flutes. This is the medicine of music: performance art reborn as sound immersion.

Sit back, close your eyes and prepare to embark on a serene musical journey. Our intention is to invite each listener to discover their own distinctive enlightenment within this musical experience.

Born from our own inner sonic meditations, the music – although similar – is never quite the same each time. Therefore, one can discover new pathways along each journey. We truly believe the power of this soothing music will provide a sense of ease throughout the mind, body and soul.

Performers: Saggio, Mark Bensette Aux Bois

Guest Performer – Barbara Ruth on Crystal Singing Bowls & Percussion


Saggio – Native American-Style Flutes & Hand Pans

It was after undergoing Reiki attunements, that Saggio discovered the primal sound of the Native American flute. It was as if some kind of cellular memory was triggered within him for the urgency to embrace this voice of the wind was overwhelming.

Although he had never made music before, his first encounter with the flute was a mystical union of wood, flesh, and spirit, a genuine heart-awakening.  It was a coming home for both the flute and the flute player, a soulful reunion of long-separated friends.

And so it was at fifty-one years of age that Saggio started making music, Saggio said “I cannot read or write music. I have no formal musical training, no constant mentor, and no coach”.

The songs that come to Saggio always were and always will be in that place beyond words and thoughts, beyond separation, He becomes the flute and becomes the song.

Saggio states; “It is without any regrets that I walked away from a former career as a high school English teacher to fully devote to performing and recording. Over the years I have had the opportunity to appear at Borders Books & Music, The Thunderbird Balloon Classic, Scottsdale Fiesta Bowl Art Walk, Mesa Arts Center, Chandler Center for the Arts, the West Valley Art Museum, and the University of San Diego”.

His journey as a artist has enabled him to strike up friendships and acquire flutes from some of the most gifted flute makers across the country. His collection includes a wide variety of Native American style wood flutes in cedar, walnut, spruce, mahogany, cherry, maple, mesquite, bamboo, river cane, and kwila.


Mark Bensette Aux Bois – 6 & 12 String Guitar and Harp’s

Mark started his first rock band at 14, was performing at 16, and touring with concerts and bar gigs in Ontario and the northern United States through the 80’s.  He moved to the States in 1992 and continued playing with bands in Dallas, then Phoenix.  After working a day job and playing in the band till 1 or 2 in the morning, Mark would decompress by turning to another music genre he’d always enjoyed: New Age.  Spending hours surrounded by loud music and walls of amplifiers, his “head just full of that”, he’d listen to New Age or Classical music, something without lyrics, to unwind on the drive home.

After seeing a performance by Grammy award-winning harpist Andreas Vollenweider Mark found he loved the music and style and promised to one day create New Age music.  When Mark took up the concert harp in 2006 he discovered “there was no training at all”, it’s all just instinct”.  Mark found himself with another self-taught instrument under his belt, then put together a home studio and produced three New Age CD’s.

In 2009 Mark was diagnosed with cancer.  During this time, he lost all interest in music – frustrated and disillusioned, and not finding anyone suitable to work with, he applied his talents instead to poetry and fiction, writing the “Son of Sherlock Holmes” series.

It was watching an episode of “That Metal Show” that reignited the spark.  Guest Jack Blades from “Night Ranger” said “you know, when you stop creating, you die inside”.  With that, Mark started writing and auditioning singers. He also reconnected with musician and recording artist Saggio, whom he had met ten years prior.

Just as a butterfly – the Papillon – adapts and transforms, with Mark’s innovative style, he will no doubt find a way to incorporate his love of Rock music with his appreciation of New Age, Classical and other genres into the musical collaborations of Nouveau Papillon and Thunder Of Silence.




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