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September 21, 2017





The Third Thursday Songwriter Showcase is an ongoing performance series that features the best of Arizona songwriters/storytellers, bringing their music and their creative process to you “In The Round.” Host Eddy Roswell focuses each show on the art, the craft, the process and the often-crazy muse that drives contemporary songwriting. Each performance features three dedicated songsmiths, taking turns sharing one of their songs and the story of its creation. We strive to deliver an eclectic mix of voices–female, male, young up-and-comers, and veteran writers and performers, and a variety of genres and approaches. There is no better way to connect directly and intimately with the makers of original music.


Eddy Roswell, Host

Eddy Roswell (aka Ed Skibbe) spent 20 years touring and playing sessions in bands throughout the West and Midwest. Then he spent 20 years as a professional songwriter in Nashville, 16 of those as a staff writer on Music Row. Now he travels the West, playing his own songs and a few favorites as a solo artist, in a duo with multi-instrumentalist, Robert Hoke, and with his band Phantom Ranch.


Adam Smith

Raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Southeast Kentucky, Adam has traveled the country bringing his captivating fusion of mountain music, and contemporary folk to a wide audience. A consummate performer, Smith’s pure voice and insightful storytelling lyrics, have touched and inspired many music lovers.

Now residing in Phoenix Arizona and having just released his fourth self-produced studio album titled Paper Wings. Adam continues to create and write songs prolifically.


Bill Dutcher

When Bill picks up an acoustic guitar, the music that fills the room cannot be branded with a simple sentence. When you see him play live you’re experiencing an event that shatters the pre-conceived notion of what a solo acoustic artist is capable of. You’re witnessing the fusion of six strings, ten fingers, unorthodox instruments and various electronics blend a unique cocktail of rock, blues, classical, middle-eastern and Celtic flavors into an acoustic symphony. When he walks on stage, all rules are thrown out the window and an improvisational circus explodes before your eyes.

Every part of the guitar is fair game as he makes it growl, whine and sing to the pounding percussive pops, slaps and pings that emanate from the guitar. Born and raised in Dublin, Ohio, he played electric lead guitar in various successful bands throughout the Midwest before making the journey towards performing as a solo artist. Bill was able to establish relationships as an endorseewith major music manufactures L.R. Baggs Electronics in California andLakewood Guitars from Germany. He then, relocated to Phoenix, in 2005 to bring his music to new audiences.

His vocal ability reaches deep down towards the baritone styling’s of Johnny Cash and soars up to the ethereal echoes of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. His original lyrics speak of personal experiences that make his songs read like stories from the heart. When performing live, Bill’s intensity shines through as he visually assaults the strings and sonically leaves listeners perplexed. Exotic tunings, twohanded tapping and percussive techniques, along with his ability to keep listeners captivated, has won over audiences nationwide. Bill’s commitment to music along with his stage experience offers a unique entertainment presentation.

Regular listener’s constantly remark about how no two shows are the same. “I love to push the envelope every night, trying to draw in all that is around me and channel that energy through my heart and hands to the audiences’ ears,” Dutcher comments. He has a sixth sense for the art of reading audiences and playing to the dynamic of a venue. Listeners often comment, “How can one guy and one guitar do this?”



Important Information about your visit to The Listening Room Phoenix
The Listening Room Phoenix is centrally located in midtown Phoenix AZ and is open to audiences who appreciate great acoustic music Some performances are ticketed and some are donation-based where participating audiences are encouraged to make at least a $20 donation to the artist and venue. This will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping The Listening Room a healthy destination for great music in Phoenix. Audiences are participating in a live video recording of the performance. Your entrance to The Listening Room Phoenix is consent to be photographed and filmed.

The Listening Room Phoenix shares its home with Mazvo Auto Car Care Center on 7th Street south of the traffic light at E. Highland Rd., tucked away from the street at 4614 N 7th Street, Phoenix 85014. Additional parking is available on E. Meadowbrook Road, only steps from The Listening Room.