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A one-of-a-kind live acoustic performance experience
at a live recording studio in Phoenix, AZ.

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It is with gratefulness today that we share with you that, as of June 1, 2019, The Listening Room Phoenix will go silent. For two and a half years, you have been a part of something great. And, for that, we are grateful.

We will close our doors gently, after hosting almost 290 performances, supporting every genre of music and live performance, and raising the quality of the live performance experience for the performer and artist. We are grateful to all the performers; the solo touring artist making their way across the world on their first CD release tour, the newest and hottest, up-and-coming band that is breaking all the rules and all the records who chose our space for their first Phoenix showcase, the seasoned singer-songwriter who celebrated his 50+ years of performing by taking our stage, and the countless quality singers, musicians, songwriters, poets and performers who left their energy on our stage and who now know what it feels like to truly be listened to.

We are grateful to the audiences. Whether a sold-out house, sitting elbow-to-elbow on our slightly-padded folding chairs, or a small group of listeners scattered throughout our space wondering “where is everyone?”, we know that each of you has had that moment of intimacy – sitting in silence, holding space as if they were alone, one-on-one with the performer, receiving the full gift of song. We are grateful for your presence and for your ongoing support in helping to make The Listening Room Phoenix a desired destination for pure music in Phoenix.

We are grateful to the talented professionals who invested so much of their time to make The Listening Room Phoenix not only the premiere live audio and video recording studio and venue in Phoenix, but also a sought-after example of a pure listening environment for many across the world.

We are grateful to have carried the words “Sound by Bose Professional” under our name in our logo. The Bose L1 Model II was our heart – the only sound system we could have ever wanted.

We opened our doors with these words – Performer Focused. Audience approved. I can honestly say, with the help of many, we stayed true to those words. As we go dark, we know that each of you will carry forward our mission – to give the performer everything needed to present their best possible performance. They don’t ask for much; safe space, good equipment and talented support, fair compensation and your attention. Please continue to support local and touring musicians – artists in every sense of the word.

Keep listening.

Jim and Adam

PS – In many ways, The Listening Room Phoenix is more than a venue and recording studio. We are a movement. We started a community, so please help continue the community. Our website and Facebook page will remain active. We remain open to opportunities for the future and welcome any ideas of suggestions you may have to continue our mission. Jim can be reached directly at