A one-of-a-kind live acoustic performance experience
at a live recording studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Created for performers, by performers.

Thank you for showing an interest in booking a recording session at The Listening Room Phoenix. Our business was designed by performers, for performers and as a result, is dedicated to providing a premier live recording experience for you so you can bring your very best acoustic music to your audiences. Below are our rates. Clearly you have a few options, so take a look and drop us an email if you have questions.


Performance Rental Recording Session with Live Studio Audience                                          $550 all-inclusive

This is an all-inclusive audio and video recording experience with a live audience where the performer collects 100% of the ticket sales or door fee, and includes:

  • 2-hour performance and ample time for load-in, sound-check and post-show activities
  • Performance space with professional staging, lighting and sound
  • Performer green room and merchandise area (performer/renter keeps 100% of merchandise sales)
  • Seating for live studio audience (up to 65 seats)
  • Professional sound engineer and professional video engineer
  • House manager/door person
  • Online ticketing services (performer/renter keeps 100% of all ticket and door sales)
  • Four- to six-camera video recording and high-quality mixed and multi-track audio recording
  • Video live stream of performance on performer’s Facebook, Concert Window or other service
  • Live mix audio recording of full performance
  • Access to all audio recording, including live mix of performance and multi-track audio recordings
  • Access to all video recording, including live video mix of performance, raw camera recordings
  • Professional audio and video editing on request at reasonable rates
  • Marketing and promotional support, including:
    • Performance listing on a printed monthly calendar posted at local shops and retail locations
    • Up to 2 monthly emails to a growing database
    • Heavy promotion on The Listening Room Phoenix Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    • Creation of social media artwork to be used by performer to promote
    • Listing on The Listening Room Phoenix web site home page
    • Pitch of performance to calendar listings on all local online and print publications
    • Week-of print advertising in Phoenix New Times and frequent placement at newtimes.com
    • Promotion of performance at local art and music festivals
    • Printed post cards to help the performer promote the show (additional cost)


Recording and Rehearsal Rental 

Room/venue rental: $50/hour

Room/venue rental: $200 for up to 6-hours

Professional Sound Engineer: $40/hour for recording

Professional Sound Engineer: $175 for up to 6-hours of recording

Professional Video Engineer: $30/hour for recording

Professional Video Engineer: $150 for up to 6-hours of recording


Event and Meeting Rental 

Hourly rental, room and House Manager: $75/hour

Event rental, room and House Manager: $350 for up to 4-hours plus set-up/tear-down

Professional Sound Engineer: $40/hour

Professional Sound Engineer: $125 for up to 4-hours

Professional Video Engineer: $30/hour

Professional Video Engineer: $100 for up to 4-hours


Audio Editing Services 

Multi-track audio recording of performance: $50 (free with rental)

Professionally mixed audio: $120 per song

Professionally mixed audio: $850 for a 10-song CD

Professionally mixed audio: $1,500 for a 20-song full performance (CD or DVD)

Professional audio mastering: $55 per song


Video Editing Services 

Promotional highlight video of full performance: $50 (up to 5-minutes)

Full performance video, live broadcast, unedited: $50 (free with rental)

Single song video, fully edited with live mix audio and titles: $100

All raw video footage, up to 9-cameras, unedited with mix audio: $75 (free with rental)


To secure a rental or for more information, please call 480-390-4900 or email jim@thelisteningroomphoenix.com.