A one-of-a-kind live acoustic performance experience
at a live video recording studio in Phoenix, AZ.

We take performer selection very seriously

Get in Touch. Stay in Touch. First things first; please join our closed group on Facebook so that as performers we can all connect and communicate about what we want and need from The Listening Room Phoenix. Join here.

Thank you for showing an interest in performing at The Listening Room Phoenix. The Listening Room was designed by performers, for performers and as a result, we take performer selection very seriously. We are dedicated to providing a premier experience for you so you can bring your very best acoustic music to your audiences. We welcome all to submit with the understanding that not all will be selected. Those who are selected will receive the following:

Compensation: Our guests will be asked to make a donation/tip towards your performance (suggested $20 per audience member). Although not designed to be a profit generator, The Listening Room needs to sustain itself and improve, so we will split the revenues of the night with the performer. We will however guarantee a minimum of $100 performer compensation.

Video Content: We are a live video recording studio. We are equipped to capture your performance digitally. Your performance will be edited, real time for live stream and future viewing. You will receive a link to this fully edited final performance so you can share it with your fans. We highly encourage you to use it to help secure future bookings at other venues locally and while on tour. Raw footage, single-song edits, short performance highlight reels are available to you for a small fee. Please ask for more details.

CD and Merchandise Sales: We are providing all performers a location to display and sell CDs and merchandise before and after their performance. There is no fee or revenue share for this.

Promotion and Marketing: The Listening Room will include your performance, in detail, on our web site. We will also promote your performance through our weekly emails to interested audiences. We will also promote you and your performance through our social media channels. We ask that you too promote your show. Audience generation is a shared responsibility between the artist and the venue. After your performance, we will share your video with our following as well. We ask that you do the same and immediately plan for your next performance at The Listening Room.

Premium Sound: While developing the vision of The Listening Room, it became very clear to us that there was only one sound resource for us … BOSE. We have toured with the BOSE L1 compact for more than 7 years and have never been dissatisfied. We experienced a lot of less-capable sound systems in all sized venues and know that BOSE is the only choice for the acoustic performers and their audiences. As a result, you and your audiences will enjoy sound by Bose Professional.

Those who are not selected are encouraged to continue to improve. Grow your talent and your experience and please set a goal to resubmit after you have brought your performance to the next level.

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