A one-of-a-kind live acoustic performance experience
at a live recording studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Listen, and enjoy.

Welcome to The Listening Room Phoenix, an audio and video recording studio with a live audience. The experience you will have is unlike anything you have had elsewhere – and that is our plan. When attending a performance here, you are participating in a live recording session. So, leave your stresses at the door, enjoy being amongst friends, grab a seat, relax and enjoy some of the best acoustic music available in Phoenix.

Your presence in The Listening Room constitutes consent to be recorded.

This studio is dedicated to the performer and as a result is designed to be free of distractions and unwanted noises. Please respect the performer by remaining silent unless invited to participate by the performer.

  • Please refrain from talking during the performance. This is your time to relax and listen.
  • Please try to remain seated during the performance. If you leave to use the restroom, please remain in the lobby until there is a break in the performance before returning to your seat.
  • Please silence your phone. No, seriously, please silence it.
  • Use of cameras and video are at the discretion of each performer. Please obey their wishes.
  • Please come prepared for a great experience. Bring a coffee. Bring a bottle.
  • Also, please bring some cash. Most performances cost $20.  This will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping The Listening Room Phoenix a healthy destination for great music in Phoenix.

Thank you for participating. Enjoy the performance.