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November 12, 2017







Wonder is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter and live looping artist specializing in storytelling and performance. Live performances fuse acoustic and electronic elements in an homage to her roots in dance music and simple, authentic guitar composition that best serves as a vehicle for a humble message.


Holly Pyle

Phoenix native Holly Pyle is buzzing the valley and other Western corners of the US with her latest concoction of disparate music influences. Known as an intuitive vocalist with an “ability to inhabit nearly any style of music,” Holly started out as an opera major at Northern Arizona University, quickly shifting to complete studies in jazz and psychology. Since diving into a full-time music career in late 2014, Holly has cultivated her own progressive soul-pop sound, releasing two albums and giving over 650 performances, both locally and in neighboring south and northwestern states. In addition to moonlighting with several acts from hip-hop to country to jazz, Holly frequently performs as a solo a-cappella act using electronic looping to sample and recombine her voice into an ever-changing choir of Hollys. Her original psych-soul project House of Stairs plans to release a full-length album this fall.

An undeniably jazz dialogue: Holly Pyle governs the loop station with infinite, yet concisely arranged vocal layers. Her partner Shea Marshall responds with a few instruments out of his musical junk drawer (bass, clarinet, accordion, harmonica, etc. tbd), sometimes vice versa. Each arrangement crafts a wholly live expedition of textures that make a bed for Pyle’s lyrical expressions and Shea’s occasional wordless commentaries.


Rae Lydia

Rae Lydia is an eclectic singer-songwriter, featuring a crisp, clear voice that rises above currents of empathetic writing and various acoustic strummings of guitar and ukulele.


Important Information about your visit to The Listening Room Phoenix
The Listening Room Phoenix is centrally located in midtown Phoenix AZ and is open to audiences who appreciate great acoustic music. Some performances are pre-sale ticketed and some are at-door pricing. Your purchase will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping The Listening Room a healthy destination for great music in Phoenix. Audiences are participating in a live video recording of the performance. Your entrance to The Listening Room Phoenix is consent to be photographed and filmed.

The Listening Room Phoenix shares its home with Mazvo Auto Car Care Center on 7th Street south of the traffic light at E. Highland Rd., tucked away from the street at 4614 N 7th Street, Phoenix 85014. Additional parking is available on E. Meadowbrook Road, only steps from The Listening Room Phoenix.