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May 15, 2017





Gong meditations are sound healing sessions that employ the therapeutic vibrations of the Gong to generate a deeply relaxed state promoting optimal health. Gongs are the sound of total resonance, including all frequencies and harmonics. The sounds of the gong are unpredictable to the human mind. The therapeutic value is compounded when additional vibrational healing instruments, such as crystal bowls and tuning forks, are utilized during the session. During these sessions, also known as Gong baths, the mind becomes entrained in the organic beauty of the various sounds emitted from the gong and is freed from the constant bombardment of thoughts. Body consciousness may dissolve and a deep sense of peace and well-being is created as these therapeutic vibrations detoxify and calm the nervous system, while stimulating the glandular and circulatory systems. The sound frequencies promote a profound release of emotional blockages and encourage our ability to heal our bodies and our minds at the cellular level.

Everyone experiences the gong differently. The session may induce synesthesia to the listener guiding each listener to different physical, auditory, visual and sensory effects.  This state is extremely healing, rejuvenating, and often transformative as it unlocks the natural creativity of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Bring a mat or two, blankets, and pillows, whatever you need to be comfy! Wear comfortable clothing. Non-heated session. No prior meditation experience is required or necessary.

If the urge arises to move the body during the meditation, try to remain still and breathe through it. Check in with the nature of the urge: physical or emotional as you may be on the edge of a release. If need be, shift as you need to until you can find your next place of stillness without judging yourself or your body. Attend to it as it is and observe. Try to keep your eyes closed as it will heighten your other senses and allow you to dig more deeply into the experience.

There will be a few minutes of silence following the gong and a verbal guide back when it is time. Students need only approach the practice with an open mind in order to witness and experience their energetic body and its vibration.

Following a Gong Meditation, it is extremely important to make sure you are fully grounded before leaving and to drink a lot of water. The effects may linger for hours, even days. You may notice changes in thoughts, emotions, and even dreams.


Important Information about your visit to The Listening Room Phoenix
The Listening Room Phoenix is centrally located in midtown Phoenix AZ and is open to audiences who appreciate great acoustic music. Although most performances are free, participating audiences are encouraged to make at least a $20 donation to the artist. This will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping The Listening Room a healthy destination for great music in Phoenix. Audiences are participating in a live video recording of the performance. Your entrance to The Listening Room Phoenix is consent to be photographed and filmed.

The Listening Room Phoenix shares its home with Mazvo Auto Car Care Center and The Flying Pigeon food truck on 7th Street south of Camelback Rd., tucked away from the street and on the ground floor of the offices of Element Studios West at 4614 N 7th Street, Phoenix 85014. Parking available on E. Meadowbrook Road, only steps from The Listening Room.