A one-of-a-kind live acoustic performance experience
at a live recording studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Created for performers, by performers.

After years of local performing in the Nashville and Phoenix markets and more years of touring performances across the US, marketing professional and music manager Jim Colletti and singer-songwriter Adam Smith set out to create the ideal performance experience for the performer. Jim and Adam truly believe that if the performer has everything needed to present their best possible performance, the audience will surely have the best possible experience.

Musicians and singers face a number of challenges pursuing their art. They must often perform under conditions that are less than ideal, including noisy bars and restaurants, awkward coffee shops or wide-open public spaces where they are easily ignored.

As an alternative, The Listening Room Phoenix offers the perfect space for acoustic performance artists, and the people who appreciate them. Acoustically balanced and technically sound, it provides a pure experience for both the player and spectator, free of distraction or discomfort of any kind. And, each performance is recorded before a live studio audience, which guarantees a rapt and receptive crowd—and a satisfying performance.

Centrally located in midtown Phoenix AZ, recording sessions at The Listening Room Phoenix are open to audiences who appreciate great acoustic music. Some performances are ticketed and some have a simple door charge. Either way, the fee will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping The Listening Room Phoenix a healthy destination for great music.

Visit the Live Recording and Performance Schedule for details.